Mykayla Hicks - Apr. 2015 Viewers' Choice

Dance is my life! Dance is my passion! Dance is a gift from above!  Dance was the only thing that I was introduced to at an early age.  At the age of 3, I started something that I didn’t even realize at such a young age would become a part of who I am today.  I started my first dance class at Amanda’s Dance in Grand Prairie, Texas.  After spending time there I moved to Dallas Power House of Dance to join the Drill Company.  While there I began to take an interest in ballet, lyrical, hip hop, jazz and tap dance.  The drill team gave me a great beginning to performing in front of an audience.  This is when I noticed that I really enjoyed performing in front of an audience sharing my talent.  After three years, I realized I wanted more.  I wanted to be a dancer.  I began to really focus on my performance and the dream of becoming a dancer. 

My true passion and love for dance really took off when I moved to Dance Industry Performing Arts Center under the direction of Christy Wolverton-Davis and Jessica Hendricks.  Even though I travel thirty five miles one way to train, it’s worth it.   I had never experienced the creative movement and choreography that expressed who I am until I moved there.  Not only am I blessed to be a member of Dance Industry’s Company, I am also honored to be a freshman at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.  Booker T. has really allowed me the opportunity to be creative and expressive.  I realize that instead of just dancing, I am a dancer who embraces story telling through movement.  I now feel like my performances lift spirits, brings smiles to faces and wells eyes. Dance Industry and Booker T. has also given me exposure to training in ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, tap and hip hop with various professional dancers and choreographers in the industry.  In addition to the daily training at the studio, school and different dance conventions, we are encouraged to attend summer intensives.  I have had the pleasure of attending Texas Ballet Theatre at Texas Christian University, Complexion Contemporary Ballet at Marymount College in New York, Dance Theatre of Harlem last summer, and Between the Lines in December.  This summer I am attending San Francisco Conservatory of Dance.

My dance experiences have been a true blessing from above.  I have had the pleasure to work with so many great artists and choreographers.  As I continue to train and grow, my prayer is that I will be the best dancer that I can be.  I don’t worry about competing with others as long as I am putting forth my best effort in all that I do.  I am determined to make my life what I dreamed it would be.  I know that I can’t give up on my hopes and dreams of becoming a professional dancer.  I know I can reach my goals through hard work, commitment and a positive attitude.