Alana Scheuerer - Viewers' Choice Jan. 2015

I am so humbled and honored to receive this Harlequin Floor Scholarship. Thank You!

My mom brought me to my first dance class when I was two years old.  If only she knew then what it would lead to.  Currently dancing at Xpress Yourself Dance Studio in Coral Springs, Florida, I have been training in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and pointe.  Tap and pointe are my two favorites and both keep me on my toes.  I’d like to thank my teacher, Kristin Vincent.  Not only do you push me to do my very best, but you are such an inspiration.

As for advice to other dancers, I strongly believe in staying true to yourself and not being afraid to take risks.  I only started conventions a few years ago but they have helped tremendously with my improvisation skills.  Competitions are always great for critiques.  I tend to score and place high in competitions, especially tap.  It’s important to stay humbled, no matter where you place, and remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion.  Don’t let a score discourage you from reaching your goals.

Now a senior in high school, I am looking at my options for college.  I’d like to major in marketing and am looking at different opportunities for dance.  It’s quite a difficult decision, but I know that anywhere I go I will always find a way to keep dancing.  After all it’s become such a big part of my life.