Emily Prymula - Viewers' Choice Dec. 2014
Thank you so much for the scholarship, it's truly an honor!

I started creative movement at 3, but I started really training when I started at Body Language Dance Company when I was 8 almost 9 years old. I study ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern, tap, and hip-hop.
My absolute favorites are ballet and hip-hop. I know, two complete opposites! I love the structure and beauty of ballet and hip hop is so freeing and fun.
A big thank you to Francisco Gella for this beautiful choreography and believing in me and pushing me to be my best! And to Hollie Vaughn for cleaning this solo!  Hollie believed and pushed me to be my best since I started at BLDC, I hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her and the time she has spent with me! And to all the teachers and studios in Michigan for welcoming me to take class and becoming part of your dance family, I love and appreciate each of you so much!
Working with Francisco means lots of hard work. It is also very fun and very, very helpful to anyone's dancing and knowledge of dance. Training your muscles and working them correctly is one of the main things that he works on. You have  to work your hardest when you are with him (well when you're with any teacher honestly) you have to push yourself to what you think is your limit then when you get there trust Francisco when he shows you what your really capable of ! Then he gets really excited ! 

My advice to younger students is to never give up and always work your hardest. When I started serious training at 9 I couldn't even touch my toes ! Listen to your corrections and apply them - corrections are a good thing, it means that your teachers have faith in your ability to get better! Listen to class corrections and apply those too! Be happy to dance, make the most of each moment, we are so lucky for the opportunity! 
My plans for the future definitely includes college and dance performance, but I am not yet entirely sure what I want to do as I want to do it all! I'd love to find a company that performs a wide range of styles such as ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip hop, that would be amazing!