Emily Logan - Viewers' Choice Oct 2014

I have been dancing since the age of 2, and competing since I was 5! I study dance at Dance Discovery in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and I do many different styles! I train in jazz, tap, ballet, acro, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, as well as a couple others. My teachers Carol Ann Bradley, Stephanie Schuer-Gibbon, Pam Schuer, Jessica Testani, and Nikolai Riaban have definitely pushed me to become the dancer I am today, and they continue to push me on a daily basis to help me reach my fullest potential. When I learn a choreography piece it always starts with picking a song that I fully understand and I can find a way to connect to it. My teacher then works with me to create the dance, sometimes it takes 2 hours to choreograph the whole dance, and sometimes it takes 2 months. At my studio I compete every year. Usually we take part in 4 competitions as well as a showcase and a year-end show! I love the competition season! My favourite part of competitions is just dancing on the stage. I don't know what it is but just the feeling I get when I am up on stage makes me feel so good. I also love just going to dance competitions and watching the other people dance. When I see other people on stage it really motivates and inspires me to push myself even more. Three tips I would give to new dancers participating in competitions would be to just go on stage and have fun (we are all there to have fun aren't we?) , take every class you have very seriously because it will really help you in your future, and lastly watch as many dancers as you can and watch them to help you improve as a dancer! In the future I hope to dance on a cruise ship, and then start choreographing for a studio that I hope to own! 


Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! - Emily Logan :)