Kristen Hellar - Judges' Choice Award October 2014

I am extremely honored to be selected for a second Harlequin Floor scholarship.  I am 13 years old and I am extremely fortunate to be training at The Dance Academy of North Jersey. We have a phenomenal faculty and guest instructors such as Jason Luks, Joelle Consentino,  Jaclyn Walsh, Angelica Stiskin, Mark Burrell, Talia Favia, and Chaz Buzan,  just to name a few.  Our Studio sincerely cares about all of their students and provides opportunities for growth. This competition season, I’ll be performing in Heels for both Tap and Jazz, something I haven’t done before. 

This past year has been very exciting and rewarding for me and I have met so many new friends along the way. I earned two National Solo Titles, qualified again to be part of the USA Tap Team, earned a Silver Medal at the World Tap Championship in Germany, and I was fortunate to earn a scholarship for Joffrey’s Contemporary and Jazz Summer Intensive.  I have made wonderful friends who also have the passion to dance and I find ways to stay connected with them.

I believe we need to always look for ways to grow as a dancer.  Take chances in your choreography and style of dance.  Attend master classes, compete, and participate in workshops even if no one from your studio is going.  Don’t be afraid to do these things on your own. Not only will it make you a better dancer, it will allow you the opportunity to make new friends.  Dance is a very small world. Be outgoing.  Make efforts to talk to your fellow competitors/dancers.  Tell them how great they did; be supportive. Bottomline….be nice.  This will not only make you a better dancer, it will make you a better person.