Jason Sanico - Viewers' Choice Oct 2014

I want to thank Harlequin Floors, theworlddances.com and everyone that voted for me. I have been dancing since I was a little kid. I have always done hip hop, but I started taking dance class my sophomore year of high school and all throughout high school. I learned line dancing, square dancing, swing, waltz, salsa, and much more. My instructor's name is Mrs. Prahl and she teaches at LaQuinta High School. She is a great teacher. I have given many private lessons and I taught at Starlight Dance Studio in Palm Desert, CA once before I moved to another state. My style of dance is different from others, but it is still hip hop. I shoot all of my videos myself by using a tripod, then I go back home and do all the editing with the music and filming. Life itself is what inspires me to dance. Dance is what has kept me alive all these years. I plan to keep getting myself out there with my dancing and I hope to have my own studio some day. Thank you all!