Kailee Remer – Viewers’ Choice Sept 2014

I started dancing when I was 3 years old.  Over the past 13 years, I've come to know The Dance Place LTD in Waterford, MI as my second home.  The entire staff is beyond amazing!  I would like to recognize Stacey Manzanares and Jessica Manzanares, who’ve been there for me since day one.  They are so supportive and they do everything within their power to ensure my success and happiness.

I study all forms of dance and I appreciate each one, but my favorite style is definitely contemporary.  I like how contemporary allows me to put emotion into my movement and express myself without saying a word.  Music, family, friends and other dancers inspire me to excel as a dancer.  Although I enjoy participating in dance competitions, I prefer challenging myself and gaining experience through the training offered at dance workshops and conventions.

It was such fun participating in the Harlequin Scholarship video contest.  I’m thankful for having the opportunity to share my passion for dance with all of the viewers, and I appreciate everyone who voted for me.  Thank you!  Also, I had an absolute blast creating my dance video with Minty Photography!  A special thanks to Vivian Costello and Sam Paraventi for capturing my improvisational movement and the mixed choreography by Maddie Metzger and Alicia Cutaia.  

I feel so blessed and I am very grateful to receive a $250 scholarship for my winning submission.  This accomplishment will help me to further my dance education.  I plan to attend Chapman University in the fall of 2016 to pursue my career in dance.  My ambition is to dance professionally, become a successful choreographer/dance teacher, and have my own business.  

THANK YOU Harlequin Flooring and The World Dances.