Joshua Glavin – Judges’ Choice August 2014

I have been dancing since I was 4. My inspiration has and always will be Michael Flatley.  When I was younger my parents would wonder what all the banging was coming from upstairs, but I was so good at pretending to be asleep they never knew it was me. Until one day I didn’t hear them coming up the stairs and they found me watching Lord of the Dance and copying Michael Flatley. They immediately enrolled me at the local performing arts school. When I was 10 I attended The Royal Ballet School and later went on to receive a full scholarship at the world’s oldest performing arts school Italia Conti.

Earlier this year I was tap dancing on a cruise ship and when I made enough money, I bought a plane ticket to L.A. where I took class after class, after class. That’s when I really got into choreography. My dream is to be a Tap dancer for the stars and bring the style into a more commercial light. Why can’t Eminem have a Tap dancer next time he does a performance or music video? I would also love just to be a choreographer in L.A. and run my own studio like Debbie Reynolds or Movement Lifestyle. Man, I feel in love with that place! At the minute, I’m trying to get an agent so i can move to L.A.! 

Also I’ve just opened up my own company called ‘Loud Movement’. We provide emerging talent with the platform they need to showcase their skills. 

On the 6th September I’m going to watch Michael Flatley in his new show. I AM SUPER EXCITED! 

Thanks again guys! This is amazing, and is going to help so much!