Shannon Hartle, Paul Martin, Jennifer Curiel – Judges’ Choice July 2014

Thank you TheWorldDances, Harlequin Floors and judges.  It is an honor for us to be selected as Judges’ Choice Winner for this month!. The dancers in this piece are Paul Martin (18) and Shannon Hartle (17). Paul has been dancing for many years at the Pointe Academy in West Des Moines, Iowa. He has spent this past summer at San Francisco's summer intensive. Paul hopes to dance with Kansas City Ballet. Shannon has been dancing for 15 years at Capital City Dance Center in Urbandale, Iowa. She is going to attend Joffrey's Jazz and Contemporary trainee program in NYC starting in January. She hopes to be a professional dancer and then a dance teacher in her future. The choreographer and film-maker of this video is Jennifer Curiel (17). She is currently dancing at the Pointe Academy in West Des Moines. She spent her summer at Kansas City's summer intensive and wishes to be a professional dancer and a photographer in the future. She chose the song for this piece because she thought that it was beautiful and unlike any other song she had ever heard. It also fit well with the style of piece she wanted to choreograph. None of us are competition dancers. All three of us trained in mainly ballet, along with modern, contemporary, jazz and most other styles. 


Thank you again!

Shannon, Jennifer and Paul