Why Should You Know the Floor You're Dancing On?

Because it really does matter!  There is a reason the major companies worldwide (ABT, NYCB, Bolshoi, Paris Opera, Royal Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Australian Ballet, Boston Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Houston, Joffrey and SO many others) all dance on Harlequin floors. Dancers need to trust the floor they are dancing on to provide a consistent surface and to protect them from slipping, injuries, and to give them the confidence to concentrate on their technique and performance.  Not only professional dancers, but all dancers, need to dance on a safe vinyl surface and a sprung floor in the studio and when performing.  You always want to know about the floor you will be dancing on when researching local studios, college dance programs, performance venues and summer intensives.


Harlequin floors are designed for dancers -- to keep you dancing at your best and your healthiest. For pointe work, flat work, even barefoot work -- a specially made slip resistant vinyl (marley) is mandatory to protect dancers and to provide the surface to maximize your performance.  A sprung floor is a must to protect dancers' joints and ensure you will be dancing as long as possible. Dancers worldwide exclaim the benefits of Harlequin floors to make pointe work less painful, make jumping and turning easier, to better take the impact of whole body weight in modern dance, to provide a consistent not-too-slippery-not-too-sticky surface to allow you to be safe and focus on technique.