Ready, Set, Dance – It’s Summer Intensive Time

Like everyone else about to begin a Summer Intensive -- you’re excited, a bit nervous, looking forward to meeting new dance friends, improving your technique, trying new forms of dance and maybe dreading the blisters from your new character shoes.  Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of your summer intensive experience:

1.) Be prepared.  You’ll get off to a more comfortable start if you thoroughly read all the available material, bring everything on the suggested packing list and know all the program rules.

2.) Get ready for a more robust and strenuous dance schedule.  If you can, queeze in a few extra classes before you begin your intensive to prepare your body.

3.) Network with others who have attended or are going to attend your summer program.  Check out your summer intensive on Facebook and Twitter for insights.

4.) Be positive, confident and prepared emotionally.  Set your goals and focus on them.  But also remain flexible and open-minded to plenty of new great experiences.

5.) Make new friends! Be respectful, empathetic, generous and a good conversationalist.  Think of some genuine “ice breaker” questions you might have for other dancers to ask when you first meet or while you’re stretching.

6.) Listen to and trust your instincts and your integrity. Avoid negative influences.  This is a great time to grow and stay true to yourself.

7.) Embrace your mistakes and your corrections.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn from new teachers and to take advantage of the corrections given to all the dancers. Watch the other dancers not to compare yourself to them, but to learn.

8.) Enjoy the new classes and genres outside your comfort zone! You may discover a new passion.

9.) Ready your homesick strategies before you need them.  Maybe planned texts every night, Sunday evening calls to home, a list of affirmations to review and another look at your written goals?  It always helps to imagine the advice your mom would give you or the advice you would give to your best friend in the same circumstance.

10.) Rest, stay hydrated and eat well!