Sarah Lapointe – Judges’ Choice April 2014

WOW, I was so excited to read that I am the .... "first dancer to have won two Harlequin Floor Monthly Video Scholarships"!  HOW COOL IS THAT?! Please pass on my many thanks to the panel of judges! I really appreciate their recognition.  My next goal is to be featured as a dance magazine cover model!

Q:  How are you enjoying being a year-round resident Rock School student? 

A:  Being a year-round resident at The Rock School is AMAZING! I am provided with a wide variety of teachers to learn from and surrounded by dancers with many different talents. I am able to interact with international students and learn about their cultures while also interacting with students from inside the country. I am able to learn something new and different from each dancer. Everyone is so supportive. I am so honored to be a part of this awesome experience.

Q:  How were your YAGP experiences this year?

A:  At YAGP Semi-Final in Providence, Rhode Island I was awarded 2nd Place in the Senior Women's Classical Category.  What a great feeling when you score high enough to pass to NYC Finals! I was very pleased with all my performances at finals and had a wonderful YAGP experience this year.  

Q:  What was it like to perform in the YAGP Gala?

A:  Performing in the YAGP gala this year was an amazing experience! Knowing that I was performing on the same stage, in the same show, with professionals from all over the world was mind-blowing. It was a dream come true to be able to perform on the Lincoln Center Stage.

Q:  What was your preparation process to learn the Odile variation?
A:  Learning the Odile variation was definitely a process. It took a couple months and hours of tedious rehearsals with my coach, Natasha Zeiger, to get it where it is today.  I am still pushing myself to make it even better.

Q:  Tell us about your summer intensive at Chautauqua.

A: Chautauqua (CHQ) is a 7 week long summer intensive. Personally, it is my favorite out of all the summer intensives I have attended. They accept few dancers into their program which keeps the class size small and personable. I gained so much from attending CHQ last year. When I returned to my home studio, I was told by many that my technique improved tremendously as well as my artistic ability. There are a number of performance opportunities, and even opportunities to dance with company members. Because of the uniqueness of CHQ, I made so many new friends that were not only dancers, but also musicians, painters, and actors. The town of CHQ is a beautiful and peaceful place. The residents are super friendly and knowledgeable about the history of the town. They have a unique connection program that pairs you with a CHQ resident who supports and cheers you on during your stay.  Chautauqua is such an amazing place and if you are ever given the chance to go I highly recommend it.

Q:  Would you like to acknowledge any instructors, coaches, mentors?

A: I would like to thank Bo and Stephanie Spassoff (Directors), Natasha Zeiger (coach), Mariaelena Ruiz (Ballet Mistress), Justin Allen (Ballet Master), and Jen Wheat (Ballet Mistress) for all of their excellent instruction and support! I would also like to thank my family and financial donors because without them all of my training and experience would not be possible. 

Q:  What do you have planned for the rest of this year?
A:  Currently, I am rehearing for The Rock School Showcase "Faeries & Elves". I am also working hard in preparation for World Ballet Competition (WBC) in Orlando, FL in June. I'll have one week after WBC to go home and visit my family before heading off to my summer intensive. In the fall, my plan is to return to The Rock School for my senior year and start auditioning for companies.


Q:  Are you attending another summer intensive this year?

A:  Yes, I am returning to Chautauqua as an apprentice level dancer.