Walnut Hill School Dances on Harlequin Floors

“Walnut Hill School for the Arts is dedicated to the training of young dancers and our instruction is highly focused on the health and well being of the students entrusted to us. As young bodies are constantly growing, changing and strengthening, proper flooring is an essential component of a pre-professional training program.

Having taken class, rehearsed and performed on Harlequin floors during the course of my professional career, there was no question as to which flooring system we would install to replace our studio floors in both our academy and high school programs. It had to be Harlequin! Harlequin’s state-of-the-art flooring keeps my students in tip-top shape and ready to take the stage.”

Michael Owen
Director of Dance
Walnut Hill School for the Arts
Natick, MA

Photography courtesy of Rosalie O’Connor 

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