Elizabeth Coniglio – Judges’ Choice Winner February 2014

I am currently studying at the School of Pennsylvania Ballet where I study ballet and modern. I was taught the variation (in my video) during class and then performed it at an event for my school. The variation is very tiring but, extremely rewarding. It is the quirkiest and funniest variation I ever performed. There are so many opportunities to add your own artistry and flare. The first time I ever saw “Who cares?” I couldn’t stop myself from dancing like I was in the 20s. If you haven’t seen the ballet I recommend you see it immediately. The music and choreography is so care free and whimsical that you can’t help yourself from smiling. 

I attended Barbara Sandonato’s School of ballet before I studied at Pennsylvania Ballet. I went to Miami City Ballet school’s summer intensive where I performed the lead in a La Source excerpt. I also attended Orlando Ballet school and the School of Pennsylvania Ballet summer intensives. In the fall I will attend Drexel University to get my engineering degree. I plan to continue dancing and will be a member of Drexel’s dance ensemble.