Makenna Isles – Viewers’ Choice Winner January 2014

Makenna would like to thank Harlequin Floors very much for the $250 scholarship! She plans to use it for a summer dance intensive. Last summer, she attended a junior intensive at the Pittsburgh Youth Ballet. We are currently active in the process of evaluating her choices in the Pittsburgh area for this summer. 

Makenna is 10 years old and is in the 5th grade. She began dancing at the age of three. She studies at the Dotty McGill School of Dance in Grove City, PA. Makenna currently takes classes in: Cecchetti (graded French style of ballet), Tap, Lyrical, Jazz, Pointe, Acrobatics and Hip Hop. Her favorite genres of dance would likely be of the ballet and tap varieties, although she really loves all kinds of dance. This is Makenna's third year on the DMD Competition Team. This was Makenna's first ever solo, choreographed by the director of the studio, Kevin Garvey. 

The DMD competition team will compete at Ticket to Broadway, Rising Star and Dance Masters of Pennsylvania competitions this Spring. Makenna will participate in four group dances (jazz, large group tap, small group tap, and a production number) as well as a tap duo and the lyrical solo that she did in her video. Makenna also participated in the Dance Masters of Pennsylvania Titles Competition in the category of Junior Miss Dance of Pennsylvania in November. She likes to attend any extra opportunities to further her skills in dance, such as Cecchetti workshops through the Cecchetti Council, Master Classes, etc. Her favorite class was with Allison DeBona from “Breaking Pointe”, who is one of Makenna's dance idols.  

Makenna plans to continue to dance, and she hopes to continue to grow and develop in her dancing. We again would like to thank Harlequin Floors for the scholarship to enable her to further her dance education and opportunities. We also would like to thank studio director, Kevin Garvey for his choreography and instruction, her Cecchetti instructor, Ashley Hazy for introducing us to this scholarship opportunity, and finally, our family friends, and other viewers for voting for Makenna!