Katy Pence - November 2013 Viewers' Choice Winner

Thanks so much! The whole team is super excited about winning! Derek and I started dancing together when the University of Wisconsin La Crosse Competitive Ballroom Team was created in October of 2012.  Between October and February we worked really hard to learn the 6 American dances – cha cha, rumba, swing, foxtrot, tango, waltz -- which we then competed in newcomer and bronze levels at the Star of the North Ballroom Dance competition in Minneapolis. Having only 4 months to learn the steps and learn some basic technique was difficult, but we were really happy with the number of callbacks we received and even made it to semi finals in foxtrot out of over 100 couples. We had such a blast competing and were pumped to start practicing again this September. We'll be competing in Advanced Bronze this year which opens up a lot of fun new steps and techniques to master. Our favorite dance is cha cha just because it’s fun and flashy and always gets an awesome reaction from the audience. We're also expanding our dances to include samba and salsa and hope to compete in the open rounds for those dances as well. When the team isn't practicing we're out at social dances at our local Concordia Ballroom or out to the dance floors in Rochester. We also do a lot of performances at senior centers, the Salvation Army, and other non profits as volunteer work. The scholarship money we've won with the video will be going straight towards the team's competition fund so we can get as many dancers to the March Star of the North competition in Minneapolis. We're hoping to raise enough money for team warm up jackets as well. Please visit the ULW Team's Facebook page.

Thanks again so so much!