Justin De Bernardi – November 2013 Judges’ Choice Winner

Justin De Bernardi is one of North America's newest and upcoming choreographers. A recent graduate from the Performance Dance program at Ryerson University and recipient of the Theatre Dance Award, De Bernardi is an independent dance artist currently residing in Toronto, ON.  He has had the opportunity to work with such professionals as Nadia Potts, Vicki St-Denys, Karen Duplisea, Maureen Constolati, Valerie Calam, Darryl Tracy, A.C. Ciulla, William Young, Alyssa Martin, Allen Kajea, Robert Glumbek, Kenny Pearl, Ami Shulman, and Lisa Davies. He is currently teaching and choreographing with companies, dance studios and conventions across Canada and the United States. Credits include Poor But Sexy Magazine, Virgin Mobile, Aldo’s Lets Dance, Marathon 33, Ryerson Dances, Choreographic Works, Rock Bottom Movement, New Voices Dance Festival, FRESHBLOOD 201,Springboard Dance Montréal and many more.  Justin has also had the honor of being recognized as one of Canada’s Youth In Motions Top 20 under 20 finalists in 2009, 2010 and 2011 for his dedication, work ethic and passion to his craft. At age 16, Justin began his first business venture in the dance industry. He is the proud co-owner of Dynamic Dance Workshop Company, a bilingual summer dance program awarded Student Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce. His love for dance goes beyond choreography, teaching and performing, Justin also recently launched Canada’s Newest Dance competition, VIEW Dance Challenge. Most notably, he has had the honor to act as adjudicator for several Canadian dance competitions and acted as a judge for the Young Entrepreneur, Make Your Pitch competition for OCE Discovery. Recently, Justin appeared in a National Television Campaign for Chapman’s Ice Cream, had his first full length dance piece, Rogue.0, premiere at Toronto’s New Voices Festival and acted as choreographer for the production War & Peace in Athens, Greece. De Bernardi is the focus of a documentary currently in creation by Anamatis Production that follows his journey as a young emerging choreographer and is currently acting as assistant choreographer for the Toronto production of Cinderella: A Pantomime Musical produced by Peggy Shannon. He is eager to share his passion, enthusiasm knowledge and love for dance with individuals internationally. 

The dancers in Rogue are some of the very talented dancers from the prestigious dance program at Ryerson University, Toronto,ON (2nd year-4th year.)

The choreography process for Rogue was like no other. It truly was a memorable experience. It was a true privilege to work with so many talented artists all at once. With so many dancers in one room, the exchange of energy was inspirational. Rogue was originally set for the Choreographic Works, a production put on by the Ryerson Theatre School showcasing student choreography. The piece was put together very quickly for the audition and it once accepted we had a few more rehearsals to make changes, adjustments and ensure that we synced together as a “company”, in that small time frame we were given. From there, Rogue was accepted and presented in FRSHBLOOD 2013, a festival in Toronto for emerging choreographers. The entire choreographic process was also documented by Anamatis Productions. A documentary showcasing the choreography process and performance. It will be released shortly. It has been a unforgettable experience. 

Justin is a recent graduate from the Performance Dance program at Ryerson University. He has also had the opportunity to train at Springboard Danse Montréal in June 2013 and is currently dancing/training with Rock Bottom Movement. 

Justin wishes to acknowledge Vicki St-Denys, Karen Duplisea, Nadia Potts, Kenny Pearl and Ami Shulman  --  all immense inspirations in the last few year of his dance career and he is forever thankful.

Justin tells The World Dances, “Dance and choreography are my passion, my lifestyle. It is just in me to dance and choreograph, it fulfills me. There is so much to say and express, dance and choreography is the perfect form of expression.

I hope to further my dance career as a dancer and choreographer. I hope to have the opportunity to work and inspire as many dancers as possible. I will continue to further my education and knowledge in dance and aspire to return to University to obtain my Masters in Dance in the next few years. I plan on expanding my dance competition, VIEW Dance Challenge to the international level and aspire to choreograph musicals and full tours.”