Meet Lauren Cox - October 2013 Judges' Choice

Thank you again for this wonderful scholarship! The piece in the video is from the 2011 NU Dance Festival, held in one of my favorite theaters in NYC.  Riverside Church is host to this wonderful festival highlighting emerging choreographers from diverse backgrounds. The piece was a part of a larger show called “Instinct: The Animal Within”.  The producers of NU Dance requested this piece as well as Cheetah, Spider & Praying Mantas from the original show. 

With a well-rounded and varied dance background, I started competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics for 10+ years then studied Haitian Traditional dances at San Francisco State as well as street jazz with Culture Shock Dance Troupe.  Upon graduating college, I moved to Brazil for 1 year, learning Samba, Afro-Brazilian and a bit of Capoeira.  Since moving to NYC in 2010, I’ve focused on bringing it all together to create a unique style.  I’ve been blessed to have danced on Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent, Alberta Fringe Fest and with Alicia Keys on BET's Black Girls Rock.  I currently dance with Rhapsody James’s new contemporary company, Rhapsody En Dance and study Jazz, Street Jazz, Contemporary and Improvisation dancing and acting. The other dancers in the video are all professionals based out of NYC from diverse backgrounds.  You can see them dancing with Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Danity Kane and more! We all met during “Motivating Excellence” a training program for the commercial dancer led by Rhapsody James. I have been dancing for 25 years and others in the program range from lifetime dancers to only about 3 years of training. The passion and drive, however, is equal.

The working process with Rhapsody James creating this piece was exhilarating!  We were guided by meditations, researched our given animal and work-shopped the concept for a month before laying out any choreography.  Rhapsody really pushes your limits and challenges you as a dancer honing in on who you are as an individual.  She, herself, has a powerful instinct for given talent and finds ways to bring it out of you.  She thinks big and is always allowing herself to transform.  I would like to give a heartfelt shout out to Rhapsody James and Sheila Barker! They are my mentors and constant inspiration.  They constantly push me to be better for myself and those around me. I am forever grateful to them.

My future dance plans include a trip to India to teach at schools and orphanages. And creating artistic videos that touch on storytelling and social commentary through dance. I would like to be on staff as a Jazz/Contemporary teacher at Broadway Dance Center.  I would also like to work directly with Erykah Badu.  I am motivated and inspired to dance by people! Artists who are truly free and powerful with their art, experiences, conversations, passion and emotion.  Dance & performance calls to my spirit and body in an uncontrollable way.