May 2013 Judges’ Choice Winner Cameron Ramsey

I started dancing in 2008 in college as an outlet to escape the bullying I was coming into.  The bully's took down my confidence and I used dance to raise it back up.  I noticed the bullying decreased over time as I got better at dancing and it eventually vanished. I am a self taught dancer from Ohio in street styles and some of my better experiences include opening up for Ying Yang Twins, auditioning for Paula Abdul’s “Live to Dance,” and opening up for Black Violin with the crew I'm on now called Dance Saves Lives.  The video I submitted is all freestyle coming straight from my soul.  Although I don't practice routines in the studio, we freestyle dancers put in just as much time as any other dance genre.  What motivates and inspires me to dance is the opportunity to "leave" my current surrounding or in essence escape from the day to day grind.  To me dance is more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle.

Dance Saves Lives is a clothing company that dedicates all its profits to teaching dance in places that can't afford it.  I joined the organization a little over a year ago as a dancer on the official crew and social media coordinator.  Our goal as a group is to travel to places all around the world teaching dance in places of poverty.  We just recently did our first workshop in a third world country in the Dominican Republic and are working on making our first documentary. 

To learn more and support our mission please visit, follow us on Twitter @dancesaveslives and check out our

Lastly I would really like thank The World Dances for giving me an opportunity to showcase my passion!  If you want to stay in touch with me you can follow me on twitter @cameo_dance or subscribe to my  Thank you so much and keep dancing!