ENB's Tamara Rojo on Anorexic Dancers

Tamara Rojo is the English National Ballet artistic director and a principal dancer.  Yes, quite the multi-tasker!  She has spoken out to the Sunday Times to take a high-profile stand on anorexia in ballet. A role model as a world-class ballerina, an inspiring and innovative leader and business person, Rojo further impresses the dance world with her brave, straight forward stance.

Says Rojo, “Audiences want to see beautiful and healthy-looking dancers yet there is still that pressure to be thin. Some comes from the fashion world and that in turn affects ballet. When you are in a ballet company, you often lose perspective of reality. So you go for extremes in order to stand out and be noticed. But I have preached and will continue to preach. I have never been thin and I want for myself and for others to have long and healthy careers. This also comes from what is in your head, as the mind rules the body.”

Miss Rojo continues, “Anorexia and bulimia are less of a problem these days. We get much more good nutritional advice now, so I and others expect to be, and remain, healthy for a long time. Injuries are easier to cure. Yes, we still have to exercise for six hours a day, and there is a lot of strain on our legs and feet in particular, but we are better trained, as we also do Pilates and weights.”

Brava, Miss Rojo!

More about stamping out anorexia in ballet on the BBC.  What are your thoughts?