Meet PantheRass – April 2013 Viewers’ Choice Winner

PantheRass – April 2013 Viewers’ Choice Winner

PantheRaas is the University of Pittsburgh's premier Garba/Raas team. Garba and Raas are two similar Indian dance styles that originated in the state of Gujarat. It has modernized and evolved into the high-energy and colorful style that is performed by many collegiate teams across the country.

We not only perform at events on campus and do gigs at nearby functions, but we compete in national competitions against other college teams as well.

We are a team of 16-20 dancers, including undergraduates and graduates of Pitt from various backgrounds and majors, including those who have never danced before. The team is solely student-run, and we come together to practice about 8-10 hrs/ week. Usually, the captains choreograph the 6-7 minute piece before the season starts, but the team has input on many aspects of the dance as well.

As a team that spends so much time dancing together, travelling to competitions together, and even spending time with each other outside of dance, we love calling ourselves a family. What inspires us to dance is the sheer thrill and fun of being on stage, regardless of winning or losing.

Thanks again to Harlequin Floors for allowing us to participate!