Meet Paige Lewis - Judges' Choice March 2013 Winner

I am so excited for my selection for the Judge’s Choice Award for my contemporary solo; it means so much to me that my hard efforts were recognized! I have been dancing since I was 2 ½ yrs. old and I am 13 now. My teacher and Artistic Director, Ms. Chelsea Nasby choreographed this piece titled, Vanessa.  I performed this at Youth American Grand Prix Tampa 2013.  I placed in the top 12 Contemporary solos and I was so excited, as this was my first time attending this prestigious event! My favorite type of dance is Ballet and contemporary. I love dance and it always makes me happy when I am dancing because I can also connect with people who watch me. Currently I attend BAK Middle School of The Arts, a performing arts school where I am a dance major. I dance approximately 10 -5 hours a week in school, and approximately 10 hours a week outside of school at my studio, Ballet East (formerly Susan Lyle Studios) where I am a member of the Youth Ensemble; a performing group.  My instructors are Ms. Chelsea Nasby and Ms. Marcie Russo; they help me with my technique and has allowed me so many opportunities! Thank you so much for this scholarship as it will help me with my training for YAGP 2014.