Meet Samantha Curbelo - Viewer's Choice Winner March 2013

"I have been dancing since I was 3, so 15 years. My dance was choreographed by the owner of my dance studio, Ms. Vicki Smith

I study ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop and tap, both broadway and rhythm tap.  My favorites are jazz and tap. I plan to go to college in the fall to study to be a physical therapist and to continue dance. 

Dancing is how I express myself and when I dance I feel strong, and invincible.

I hope to continue dance in college at some level. I am still evaluating all of the schools that I have been accepted to.  Each school will offer different dance opportunities to me.

My school is a non competitive dance studio.  The focus is on instruction and technique. We also are affiliated with a non-profit musical theater company of which many of the dancers perform with.  We have amazing instructors, in ballet, hip hop, jazz, lyrical and tap.  It's really hard to find great tap teachers where I live, but we have 2 of the best."