Meet Justin Bass - Judges' Choice Winner March 2013

In his own words:  Justin Bass – Judges’ Choice winner March 2013

"I started dancing at hip hop since I was very little but started my technical training in ballet and modern at the age of 17. I am currently using the video for company audition submissions and other scholarships. I recently sent this video to a dance company in Utah. I choreographed this piece myself. I love choreographing! 

I currently study ballet, modern, jazz, improvisation, contact improvisation, and Laban. I love modern and ballet because they complement and assist each other in my artistry.

My future plans are graduating this year from SUNY College at Brockport with a BFA in Dance and moving to NYC to continue my dance career. I am currently auditioning  at many places so who knows where I will end up after graduation. 

My passion for dance motivates me -- my passion for an art form that is a part of me. I couldn't imagine my life without dance. Dancing allows me to tap into who I truly am. That feeling alone motivates me to never give up on this art form and work on bettering the artist within.

I currently am a senior BFA Dance major at SUNY College at  Brockport. I decided to study at a college level because I knew I wanted to be in an environment where I could grow as an artist among people like myself. The choice of going to college for dance has benefited me in so many ways. I have been able to train under amazing professors, perform and create and build long lasting relationships with other artists.

My studio from back home was called "The Dance Studio" in Cleveland, OH and it was my first experience taking ballet and modern. My instructors were amazing and very supportive of me while I was there. My favorite instructors at this moment would have to be my professors at SUNY College at Brockport because they are all very different and are very supportive. I couldn't just name one person because they have all inspired me in more ways than one.

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.


Justin Bass"