Meet Dominic Grand - Viewers' Choice Winner March 2013

Meet Dominic Grand, Viewers’ Choice winner in March 2013 with 203 votes!   Dominic tells –

"I have been dancing for almost 3 years now. The other two dancers in my "Choreographyday" video are two of my very close friends that I taught and asked to be in it. I choreographed the piece.

I study mostly hip hop because the high school that I went to offered only that. I really enjoy it and since it is a form of dancing I appreciate it a lot.

My future plans are to continue to get an education at UC Irvine and dance on the side as an extracurricular activity. I hope to get better at dancing and hopefully take it to a professional level some day. What motivates me to dance is looking at the people I see as inspiration -- people in really well known dance crews throughout Southern California.

I do not really have any favorite instructors but rather people I look up to. I look up to everyone that is in my dance crew because they help me stay motivated and keep encouraging me to continue to dance."