Meet Hiroki Ichinose - February 2013 Harlequin Floors Scholarship Judges' Choice Winner

"I have been dancing for about 17 years, starting at the age of 3 at the Maui Academy of Performing Arts.  I am currently a senior at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts where I am getting my BFA in dance and a minor in web programming and applications.  I chose to study dance at NYU so I could be exposed to different techniques, styles, and artists in New York.  After graduation I will continue to dance and choreograph, and I hope to one day have my own company.  I have really enjoyed my time here at NYU because I have learned so much from my professors and I am constantly inspired by the dancers that surround me. However, my mom and sisters are my biggest supporters and they motivate me to work my hardest everyday."

- Hiroki Ichinose