<p><span>Trey and dancers from KNCDC</span></p>
More Than Dance: The Trey McIntyre Project
Highly acclaimed choreographer Trey McIntyre is known for his imaginative, creative blend of ballet and contemporary dance.  His company, The Trey McIntyre Project (TMP), is an effective ambassador for dance. Locating the company in Boise, Idaho, the director/choreography planted his dancers and his vision in an environment where his project could not only take root, but also thrive and intertwine with local culture. "The company has had a real voice in shaping the community," according to TMP dancer Brett Perry, and McIntyre is expanding the concept nationally and internationally. 

Stateside, the company is involved as a resident dance company with institutions not typically associated with performance art. For instance, TMP recently had an engagement with a hospital in Orange County, CA, performing interactive improvisational dance for/with patients. "To just see their smiles and have that interaction--it's one of the reasons I wanted to dance at TMP," says company member Ryan Redmond. "There are no costumes or sets or anything. It's just about communicating with people at a very genuine, personal level."

In May, TMP toured South East Asia on a grant from the State Department, bringing American dance to perform for, interact with, and learn from Asian dancers and audiences. The trip was also an audition of sorts for Asian dancers.  TMP would select a small group to come to the US to rehearse and perform new work with the company. Three young women from the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC) were ultimately chosen for the collaboration.  

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